Customer Success Story: Burger King® on GCP

“BKD Connect”, a GCP hosted web application helps Burger King® Germany to gather sales and loyalty card data of all their company and Franchise restaurants and allows them to automatically create and send invoices and refunds for royalty, ads, etc. to the individual companies.

When in 2015 BURGER KING Deutschland GmbH® became the master franchisee of the brand for Germany, there was a tremendous need for providing IT systems for managing the whole business. Among other things, one of the main concerns was how to distribute royalty and ad costs among all the different franchise companies.

SOTEC helped Burger King® to establish a system that provides an easy-to-use web application for providing sales data and a backend that allows them to automatically create and send out hundreds of invoices based on the recorded data. The system was built on Google App Engine as the main platform which serves the frontend as well as the main part of the backend logic. Invoice templates are stored in Google Docs, and placeholders define areas where the actual content (invoice recipient, address, item description, amount, etc.) will be filled in.
For the invoice creation process, Task Queue is used to run background processes and iterate over all Franchisee organizations and all restaurants that have been open during the relevant invoice period. For each invoice that needs to be created, an Apps Script is called which takes the relevant template of the invoice type and fills in the actual data that is passed from Google App Engine to the Apps script in the payload of the call. As a database, we are using CloudSQL which was a perfect fit for this strong relational database model. On the UI the user can follow the process online and check if everything is fine or if there are invoices remaining that have errors and need to be restarted.

Over the years the system was extended and is now connected to different 3rd party systems where additional data is collected. For example, we have created an integration with the loyalty card provider “Payback” to import collected and redeemed points per restaurant which are in turn reflected again in invoices or credit notes that are created by the system.
Our solution has enabled the customer to manage invoicing loyalty card refunds and much more in a central system hosted in GCP, which saves a lot of money and resources. The customer is now independent of corporate systems provided previously by Burger King® U.S.

“With BKD Connect, we have a high-performance business application with which we can quickly and easily handle complex processes in contract management and automated invoicing to our franchise partners, including digital receipt dispatch. Thanks to the forward-looking design and structure of the software solution, enhancements can be implemented extremely quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively. Intelligent evaluations and alerts support us in the highly effective management of partnerships.”  (Jörg Graap, Consultant, BURGER KING Deutschland GmbH)