Finding the right connections

In order to offer our customers added value, we rely on cooperation with other companies. We rely on various service, technology, research and cloud partners in order to be able to respond more effectively to customer requirements and future issues.

Google Cloud

Our partnership with technology partner Google Cloud enables us to develop solutions for our customers on the pioneering infrastructure that Google itself uses for its products.

Thousands of miles of fiber optic cable make Google’s network the largest and most advanced in the world. Google Cloud delivers fast, scalable and reliable performance. A leader in big data analytics, processing and utilization, Google Cloud offers much more than just access to data. With tools for speech, image and text recognition, for example, we develop machine learning and AI solutions for our customers that are adapted to their own business model. BigData and IoT services (SOTEC has been awarded the 2019 Google Cloud Global Specialization Partner of the Year Award for IoT) round off the portfolio accordingly.

Siemens Industrial Edge

SOTEC is a certified Siemens Industrial Edge Solution Partner and your competent contact for the implementation of future-oriented edge computing solutions in your company. Our expertise and Siemens’ know-how enable you to find the right solution for your specific requirements and implement it quickly and reliably. Benefit from the highest quality, innovation, and reliability and open up new dimensions of efficiency and productivity in your production with Siemens and SOTEC!

Microsoft Azure

SOTEC is a certified Microsoft partner for the Azure Cloud Services Stack. We offer not only consulting, models and operational cloud services, but also the implementation of the solution.

As an engineering service provider, we focus among other things on application development, integration, and migration (also of custom solutions) to the cloud, but also the analysis and integration of hardware-specific requirements, e.g. with the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub certified SOTEC CloudPlug Edge Device. This IoT Device is regularly used by our customers for data acquisition and AI and Automated Machine Learning tasks, including the possibility to run AI models with corresponding Tensil CPU on the device (“on the Edge”). Talk to us about your cloud, IoT and AI/ML issues in the Microsoft Cloud!

The partnership between SOTEC and is the best example of how topics such as DigitalTwin, ML-based intelligent semi-autonomous production processes or predictive maintenance are quickly realized while maintaining high security. Operating IoT Edge productively in an industrial environment is not a trivial task: Building and operating a flexible, scalable system that simultaneously meets the industry’s high security requirements requires the seamless interaction of different disciplines.

With the portfolio of our sister company, we are able to realize customer-specific solutions in the field of industrial digital automation in a short time. The linchpin is the economic utilization of all machine and process data available in the field for use cases such as after-sales service optimization, predictive maintenance or AI-based control loop applications on site. relies on the SOTEC CloudPlug edge as an IoT edge device.


SOTEC is a Microchip Design Partner, which means we are an approved integrator of the Microchip product portfolio. Our IoT devices such as the SOTEC CloudPlug edge are powered by Microchip technology and chips.

Infinite Devices

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Infinite Devices GmbH. The partnership enables us to offer a DSGVO compliant IoT platform with the appropriate hardware components for your Industrie 4.0, Cloud or IoT solution.


BOTfriends focuses on the development of chatbots in messenger platforms and voice assistants using artificial intelligence. They specialize in the development of proof of concepts up to highly customized enterprise solutions using NLP, machine learning and API integration.

Public Cloud Group

PCG was founded in part from Cloudwürdig GmbH, a SOTEC spin-off. With a product portfolio designed to accompany organizations of all sizes in their cloud journey and competence that is a synonym for highly qualified staff that clients and partners like to work with, PCG is positioned as a reliable and trustworthy partner for the hyperscalers, relevant and with repeatedly validated competence and credibility.


Umati stands for connectivity between machines and software – simple, secure and seamless. With our partnership to Umati, we support the promotion and spread of open, standardized interfaces based on OPC UA. We are happy to help and advise with the implementation of Umati based integration and development projects. The development of the Umati demonstrator platform also takes place through our development team.

Eclipse Foundation

SOTEC is now a member of the Eclipse Foundation, the biggest global community for joint efforts regarding open-source software collaboration and innovation. As such, SOTEC is beginning to expand Hono IoT’s capabilities further into cloud systems. OpenSource projects are a forward-thinking way to share innovation and knowledge – SOTEC looks forward to working with the community and having the opportunity to contribute with its expertise.