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For many years, we have been conducting research in the fields ofInternet of Things and Industry 4.0, among others together with the Fraunhofer Institutes, institutes of the University of Stuttgart and numerous other partners. One of the successful results of one of our research projects is the CloudPlug.

Research projects are a matter of course for us, because we want to develop continuously and through research we can always offer our customers the latest topics, findings and products in the long term.

Research partners

Fraunhofer IPA

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation was founded in 1959 and deals with organizational and technological tasks from production to research and development topics. Methods, components and devices up to complete machines and plants are developed, tested and exemplarily applied by Fraunhofer IPA.


The Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units at the University of Stuttgart is one of the leading international university research institutes in the field of control engineering – from planning to the tool, from the idea to the product. Interdisciplinary research is carried out on technologies for the production and automation of the future.



GUmProDig – Ganzheitliche Umform-Prozess-Digitalisierung – a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics BMWi as part of the technology transfer program Lightweight Construction. CO₂ savings are an important topic in many areas when it comes to the future. That is why Fraunhofer IPM, together with partners such as SOTEC, is developing a system in the GUmProDig research project that requires energy-efficient production with quality monitoring and component tracking of formed parts in lightweight construction.
Sponsored by BMWi
Launched: May 2021


SDM4FZI – Software-Defined Manufacturing in the Vehicle Industry – a nationally funded lighthouse research project with partners from industry and research, lays the foundation for adaptive IT/OT-convergent digital production. As an expert for IIoT, Edge and applied AI, SOTEC is working on the project with partners such as Bosch, Audi, Zeiss, ABB and many more on the decisive breakthrough in this field.
Sponsored by BMWi
Launched: October 2021


With FabOS, we are developing an “operating system” for production together with the project partners from industry and science to make the connection of production technology at the field level with the IT systems in the server room and cloud plug-and-play capable. These vendor-independent interfaces are intended to significantly simplify the collection of production and machine data, thus enabling a wide variety of machine learning usages. FabOS thus forms a platform for machines, infrastructure and AI services with a secure IT architecture that creates the possibility for industrial companies to control production in a data-driven manner.
Sponsored by BMWi
Launched: February 2020

Shop-Floor Service Connector

Together with our project partners, we want to counteract increasing complexity in the networking of smart services with the hardware and software from industrial production.Key to this integration are established cloud computing technologies, which form a communication layer between the various subsystems and should offer a high level of user-friendliness in addition to industrial requirements.
Sponsored by BMBF
Launched: 2018

Intelligent service system

The goal of the project is to develop a cross-company solution in the form of an intelligent service system (iSrv) for the manufacturing industry, in particular for process chains with continuous product flow. With the help of the service system, faults are to be detected proactively and countermeasures initiated by automatic process interventions and visual feedback to the machine operator.
Sponsored by BMBF
Successfully completed


MultiCloud is a convenient, holistic solution that minimizes the time and thus the costs from the idea to the economic use of cloud-based services through a standardized connection of a wide variety of cloud systems. Machine, production, quality and production data are tapped via standardized services in the form of hardware and software solutions and the data is made available in a cloud platform. The data can then be used in the cloud platform through services.
Sponsored by BMBF
Successfully completed


PLC in the cloud – how should that be possible? We addressed this question in the pICASSO research project.
In addition to topics such as safety, security and deterministic behavior, the main goal was to separate automation technology from the control program in order to make information processing in the field more flexible.
Sponsored by BMBF
Successfully completed

Project sponsors

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