Application Development Services – Google Cloud Partner Spezialization
Written 29. October 2021

Application Development is the process of creating application software that helps users perform specific tasks and activities. We support customers in the complete development process, from requirements analysis and architecture to deployment and integration into existing systems and processes.
The successful implementation of Application Development in terms of high functionality, reliability, security, ease of use, efficiency, maintainability, and portability to different hardware in our customer projects, Google Cloud has confirmed us with the Application Development Services Partner Specialization.

What does Google Cloud Partner Specialization mean?

A Google Cloud Specialization helps customers to choose a qualified Google Cloud Partner. Through various specializations in solution and service areas, Google Cloud Partners can demonstrate technical expertise and proven success from previous customer projects.
Partners who have achieved the Application Development Services – Specialization have a proven track record of building and managing applications that leverage the best of GCP in both web and mobile environments.
For each specialization, the partner must have at least two matching technical documentation of successful projects, three Customer Success Stories, and four trained Google Cloud-certified employees, passing an assessment by Google.

Our reference projects, in this case, were with the following customers:

Burger King, Scitis, McDonalds