The Cigsor continuously monitors the air humidity in a humidor and thus ensures constant storage possibilities.

Cigsor is a Swiss startup for cigar connoisseurs who have neither the time nor the desire to constantly keep an eye on their humidors. Cigsor is both the name of the company and its product.

High-quality cigars in humidors need constant climatic parameters in order to remain usable for consumption under optimal conditions. Even the best humidors cannot guarantee constant storage conditions permanently, quality losses can occur.

By constantly monitoring and tracking the climate parameters in the humidor, even without being in close proximity to the humidor, end-users can monitor the well-being of expensive consumables and react immediately if anything goes wrong.

Implementation of the solution began in 2017 and has been continuously improved and optimized ever since.

Sotec carried out a customized IoT development for Cigsor in the area of hardware and software development to implement Cigsor’s performance promise on the technical side.

The Cigsor is a battery-operated, cloud-enabled IoT device with temperature and humidity sensors that is placed directly in a humidor. It connects via Wifi to a cloud backend where all data is stored and communication with the frontend/app is managed. The project was implemented via Firebase and AppEngine based on Google Cloud Platform.

The startup was founded to bring the solution described above to the market. As the market field of control cigars has its natural limits, Cigsor focuses on achieving a high area-wide market share before they start with the next project. Cigsor is very confident to sell this solution worldwide.

Our development of the Cigsor forms the basis of the company’s business.