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CloudPlug – The universal industrial IoT edge device

SOTEC CloudPlug provides an efficient solution to connect existing sensors, machinery, and equipment of all sizes securely to the cloud.

CloudPlug advantages

  • Supports a wide variety of standards (OPC UA, CanOpen, CAN, analog I/O etc.)
  • Can be customized to connect with legacy or custom protocols
  • Well established industrial gateway / edge device, ask for reference implementations
  • Optimizes and manages network instability and bandwidth limitations
  • Affordable and robust, simple to install
  • Makes data available in real time and at scale
  • State of the art security on hardware and software layers

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What is Google Cloud IoT Core?

End-to-end security

Enable end-to-end security using certificate-based authentication and TLS; devices running or supporting the Cloud IoT Core security requirements can deliver full stack security.

Out-of-box data Insights

Use downstream analytic systems by integrating with Google Big Data Analytics and ML services.

Serverless infrastructure

Scale instantly without limits using horizontal scaling on Google’s serverless platform.

Google IoT Core together with our CloudPlug technology unlocks the vast capabilities of Google Cloud for our customers in a few easy steps. It enables us to build a scalable and robust IoT backend for a large number of connected devices. By leveraging Google IoT we create cutting-edge IoT, data analytics, and machine learning solutions for our clients
Florian Holz, CEO at SOTEC

CloudPlug will feature Google IoT Core from May 30th on.

Can’t wait? To learn more about our well established CloudPlug solution please follow this link.

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