LOOXR – IoT connectivity for pressurized air-as-a-Service

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CloudPlug Light helps LOOXR to have a live overview of its assets (compressors for the constant supply of shop floor areas with compressed air) in the field and to carry out data-driven remote process monitoring, maintenance and optimization: Compressed air as a service.

LOOXR provides digital solutions for optimized industrial compressed air supply. SOTEC developed a product specifically to meet the requirements of the startups business model.

Compressed air is the most expensive source of energy supply in an industrial context. At the same time, the entire infrastructure for the industrial compressed air supply is not yet in focus of optimization, which is due to the fact that often no system solution was installed.
In fact, the infrastructure of components has grown organically from different manufacturers over time, leading to a variety of problems during operation: leakages and defects stay undetected.
Incorrect design of the whole compressed air supply reduced performance or even fails.


Leakages, defects and bad design lead to high costs. If the supply of compressed air fails due to system blackout, a worst-case scenario arises from outage of production to life-threatening costs for the entire company.


Digital remote monitoring, control and optimization of the industrial compressed air supply infrastructure increases availability and reduces costs.

SOTEC CloudPlug Light, developed and adapted to the customer’s requirements, continuously collects data from compressors. On-site, LOOXR uses CloudPlug Light to connect their compressor cabinets or retrofit existing infrastructure in the field. Data is then securely transferred via GSM network and Google Cloud IoT Core to the cloud backend for storage, visualization, and analysis.

LOOXR’s business model is based on the ability to continuously obtain and evaluate machine data from plants in the field.
With it, they provide customers a stable and efficient compressed air supply that saves bare money.

The breaking new approach leads to establishing LOOXR as a spin-off from the company Mader GmbH: While Mader acts as a manufacturer of compressed air components,  LOOXR is a strongly service-oriented company with an underlying digital infrastructure (SOTEC CloudPlug Light and LOOXR platform).

What has been achieved

The developed solution helped LOOXR to provide its customers with a solution has long been neglected in industrial operations: compressed air infrastructure that is both fail-safe and cost-optimized. According to LOOXR’s figures, the investments required for the long-term deployment of their solution have been redeemed after about 7 months.

With CloudPlug Light SOTEC is already working on new projects with other customers. Due to its generic approach, CloudPlug Light is applicable to use cases from various areas of industry. Supporting Modbus and CAN interfaces, further applications in the area of industrial production and automation are planned as well as adjacent areas such as commercial building automation or energy sector.

First reference customers have already installed a solution, larger rollouts are currently following.