We wish You a Merry Christmas
Written 23. December 2021

2021 – The year with new colleagues and products, exciting customers and projects, home office on/off, masks and tests in the office, missing semiconductor components for our hardware products and much more. Who would have thought that? At the end of the year, we would like to look back on the positive developments above all.

Despite many unknowns like the change to work-from-home, long delivery times for hardware components and the constantly new and changed work regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we can be even more pleased that eight new employees and four new interns have joined us. In addition, we were able to provide all employees with continuous employment without short-time work and even return to a bit of normality with a joint summer party. Certainly our industry and our customer projects contribute to this comfortable situation. Thanks to all who have been with us this year!

We were also able to further expand our professional competence this year. We are proud to have expanded our pool of machine learning experts with three new Google Cloud certified Professional Machine Learning Engineers. In addition to our day-to-day business, we continue to participate in research projects to make room for innovation and future technologies. Our expertise in the cloud sector was also confirmed again this year by Google and recognized with the specialization in Application Development Services.

In addition to our future-oriented topics, we also want to continue to drive the path towards a more sustainable corporate culture. For example, all company vehicles added in 2021 are pure electric vehicles.
This year, each of our employees received an annual Aktion Mensch lottery ticket, and instead of Christmas presents, we would like to give a bit of security, joy and opportunity this year, by donating € 30,000 to the following projects:

€ 10,000  will go to the NABU, which among other things works to protect moors – for biodiversity and climate protection.

€ 20,000  will be given via the SWR Herzenssache to different projects in Baden-Württemberg for children and young people who are disadvantaged due to the pandemic, illness etc.

With this in mind, we wish everyone a wonderful Christmas season and a good start to the new year!