Transforming industrial data into valuable information with GCP

As a GCP partner, SOTEC has access to Google’s managed service to manage and ingest data from globally dispersed devices. Integrating IoT Core with was the next step, as is applying Google Cloud AI to the data collected from new partners.


Looking at a whole industry with a complete product lifecycle, several companies with different locations to the finished product – there is a lot of decentralized manufacturing data. Therefore a solution was needed to pool data and use it to optimize productivity, quality, and efficiency.


SOTEC built services based on GCP using Google App Engine and Cloud Dataflow for data streaming. Data is streamed to Google Bigquery, BigTable, and Firestore. uses Tableau run on Google Compute Engine to display the information. Managed GCP services which were built for scale help the customers to deploy a solution to new machines without any help from technicians or fiddling with hardware.


Regardless of how old machines are, they can be connected via, and the PLCs that control them only need to be replaced every 10-15 years. If a factory were to choose a proprietary system to stream data, they would be compelled to buy new, proprietary PLCs at a high cost. Thanks to and the use of GCP, there is no need to replace any equipment, so the overall cost is comparably low.

This is what the customer says:

SOTEC as a Google Cloud Partner with deep understanding of cloud technology and especially Google IoT Core supports us in the technical implementation and helps us to build individual IoT platform solutions for our customers.

Ralf Kölle, CEO,

Project start


Customer portrait believes in a world where data serves as the basis for sustainable decisions. The Production Knowledge Framework is's vendor-independent Industrie 4.0 solution that enables customers to build their own IIoT platform. By using Big Data, analytics and machine learning, benefit can be generated from the collected data.


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