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What’s Industry 4.0?

It all started a couple of years ago with internet enabled fridges, but this was just a small taste regarding the whole digital revolution, which is already in place.

Industry 4.0 is here. No doubt about that. The economy is in its fourth extensive change, after the steam machine, the assembly line and electronics.

Join us on our way into the future. With our years of experience and our passion for innovative and intelligent technology makes us a reliable partner. Make your visionary idea come true!

Let's take concrete steps towards industry 4.0 and take advantage of our know-how!

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What are the advantages of Industry 4.0?

By connecting factories and machines, processes can be more effective and measurable. To realize this, machines are equipped by micro computers and sensors to enable real time communications between those devices.

The constant interaction between all components enables your company to optimize processes, to minimize idle time and to identify potential downtime early and to respond specifically to it.

The hype of Industry 4.0 is a profitable reality. Don’t miss it!


Productivity & Security

Sophisticated sensors and secure cloud technologies are inexpensive than ever and are very profitable, even in medium-sized companies

Real Time Evaluation

Hardware, like our CloudPlug, can be used effectively to collect your data. This outcome can be used to evaluate and analyse your data the way you need it.

Swarm Intelligence

Decisions are made collectively and decentralized. Factories and the machine "know" each other and can act together in an intelligent way. This allows a more individual and faster production.


How can SOTEC realize your idea?

Industry 4.0 is a big part of our daily business for many years now. With our unique knowledge we can close the gap between the cloud and your machine and are able to implement new concepts fast and easily. We are offering the complete package from hardware to software, to generate the most out of it for our customers.

Industry 4.0 Development for over 10 years

We already search together with the Fraunhofer institutes, institutes of the University of Stuttgart and many other partners within the areas of4.0, e.g.. A successful outcome of our research projects is the our CloudPlug.

CloudPlug closes the gap between your machine and the data collection. This demonstrates our passion and expertise within Industry 4.0 for many years.

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