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What is the “Internet of Things”?

Internet of Things is the increasing connectivity between devices or sensors, using an IP network.

This linking can provide a variety of information about its environment to the user, to enable new possibilities. The use cases are for this are almost endless, like wearables, smart home functionalities or Smart Cities or Factories.

Projects like Google’s self-driving car, Nest or the visionary ideas of the city of Singapore, to make the city more ecological and effective, have been recognized worldwide.


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What are the advantages of IoT?

According to recent studies, 90% of all data of technical equipment remains unused. This means, only 10% are actively used and analysed – This is where IoT jumps in. Linking all kinds of different devices makes it possible to use data more effectively and useful.

One result can be, to create better forecasts regarding waste, losses or expenses. In addition to that, companies are now able to see if certain things need to be replaced or repaired.

Applications for IoT


Machines are connected to each other, making intelligent decisions and been evaluated better. Production and efficiency will be therefore increase.


Customer behaviour can be measured better and employees have more information about customer needs and desires, which improves the customer experience.


Whether its a vacuum cleaner, an automobile or a wristwatch - linking a various of devices can lead to unexpected possibilities. New market opportunities are created by innovation.

By 2020, there are 50 billion connected devices
Bernd Heinrichs, Managing Director at Cisco

What is our idea for IoT?

IoT is an old hat for us. For decades we work in the field of development of integrated and embedded systems and their connection.

Our cloud computing expertise brings us into a unique position to help you and your team within your IoT project. The possibilities are almost endless.

IoT is not in its infancy anymore, as some might say. At least its not if you are doing it right.
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