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Where are the challenges within the retail sector?

Consumer behaviour changed massively in the last couple of years. The requirements went up, which results in changes within the retail sector in comparison to the traditional retail model. Now it’s up to you and your company to identify those requirements and fulfill them with the help of modern technology.

Today’s technology allows you to analyze your customers behavior more accurately and is able to quickly react on special needs. Data from different systems like ERP, HR or POS shouldn’t be analysed separately, since it is more effective to establish a connection within those systems to understand internal process more effectively and to draw appropriate measures.

Especially the retail sector relies on flexible and robust solutions, which can be expanded whenever it’s needed.

We have now proven for over 30 years, that we are able to meet these challenges. Take advantage of our know-how and expertise!

Retail Technology in a restaurant

Tablet based reporting and store management
Realtime Date
Dashboards for customer and internal staff
Production process automation
Customer mobile ordering
POS data integration
Chrome OS
SOTEC Bumpbar
SOTEC TD-14 Time Recording System
Cloud applications
Backoffice reporting and maintenance

What are the advantages of Retail Technology?

Exact analysis

The use of existing data gives you a better understanding regarding the forecast of availability, delivery or storage of your products. It also gives you the ability to get more insights about your internal processes.

Optimized communication

Connect different services to each other to enable an optimal communication. Unleash your online shop to your ERP system or the specially developed hardware directly to your POS, just to name a few examples.

Improved experience

Enhance your customers shopping experience by simplifying your processes and by getting to know the requirements of your customers better.

People are always going to go shopping. A lot of our effort is just: 'How do we make the retail experience a great one?
Philip Green, british entrepreneur

How can SOTEC realize your idea?

Since our beginning one of our core competencies is the retail sector and the focus on the technical interaction of all systems.

Strategic focus is the development of customized reporting, payment, inventory, fiscal solutions as well as the integration of innovative online services for evaluating and archiving your data.

We are interested in innovative products that are precisely tailored for you to overcome your challenges and make your work as easy as possible.

We have now proven for over 30 years, that we are able to meet these challenges. Take advantage of our know-how and expertise!

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