The handy keyboard for controlling workflows

It‘s easy, at the push of a button.

The SOTEC Bumpbar is an input and control device for production systems and work processes that was originally developed for system catering and workflow optimizations. It is connected to existing checkout and production systems such as a kitchen video system (KVS). The BumpBar is therefore an integral part of the production environment, e.g. a system catering kitchen.


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The advantages are obvious

Universally applicable

Different actions are conveniently combined with keys that can be assigned and labeled individually.

Intuitive and easy

To use thanks to the clearly noticeable pressure point and acoustic signal.

Easy connection

To existing IT kitchen applications (POS6, KVS / eProduction clients, KVS Zero etc.)

Easy installation

Ideal for table or wall mounting. Available with USB interface or as a radio version, wireless.

High quality workmanship

Durable and robust in a stainless steel jacket. Compliance with high hygiene standards thanks to the easy-care surface.

One-off acquisition costs

No maintenance is required for the BumpBar. With the radio version, all you have to do is change the battery.

USB variant

Thanks to its compact and durable stainless steel design, the SOTEC BumpBar can be found in a production environment such as large kitchens; even splash water, grease and dust cannot harm its robust housing. The easy-care stainless steel casing is simply cleaned and disinfected. The cleaning thus corresponds to the strict hygiene regulations and standards in large kitchens.

Wireless variant

Installations without complex cabling, e.g. for mobile workstations in the kitchen. The radio transmission, wireless, allows the use of several bumpbars in a production environment. The long battery life (more than 1 year with average use) rounds off the functionality of the bumpbar.

USB Bumpbar

Hardware specification

  • USB 2.0 port
  • Interface via COM driver
  • Current consumption <85mA


  • 140 x 90 x 25 (33) mm
  • Stainless steel with plastic membrane keyboard

Funk Bumpbar

Hardware specification

  • USB 2.0 port
  • Coded transmission, 1024 possible codes
  • Batteries: RF10T: 9V block (Alkaline 500mAh)


  • 140 x 90 x 25 (33) mm
  • Stainless steel with plastic membrane keyboard

Easy and quick start

The bumpbar can be quickly connected to your existing IT system. In combination with the kitchen forecast system eProduction, it represents a perfect symbiosis for process optimization in the kitchen - a real competitive advantage!

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Our SOTEC hotline stands for short response times with clear responsibilities and quick, immediate help. Our service team of experienced experts will help you competently, pragmatically and at short notice.

Tested & proven many times

The SOTEC bumpbars have been in daily use in the McFamily worldwide for over 10 years in over 3 countries. You too can benefit from our customizable process hardware, which has been specially developed for your daily requirements.

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