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SOTEC was founded 1980 by Peter Holz. It all started with his own “Ingenieurbüro für technische Informatik” and the development of industrial micro-computing solutions.

Today we deliver individual software solutions as well as the development and production of specialized electronic components for the retail and manufacturing industry. We are focusing on a fast, successful and uncomplicated implementation of the various individual needs of our customers.

Since today, SOTEC is still a family owned business, which is now lead in second generation by Florian Holz since the year 2010. Within the last years SOTEC became an important medium sized business with approximately 60 employees at two strategic locations in Germany (Ostelsheim) and Romania (Sibiu). Throughout our work in various field we earned an excellent international reputation.

While the digitalisation is growing in today’s world. SOTEC is working with passion, resolution and innovation to develop new technology for the manufacturing and retail industry.

The demand of our modern world is marked by progress and innovation in a constant way - Including You and us!
Florian Holz, CEO SOTEC

Our milestones

2020 63 Employees IoT Award – Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year
2019 65 Employees CloudPlug edge and CloudPlug light launch
2018 65 Employees Award „SOZIAL ENGAGIERT 2018“
2017 65 Employees Exclusive Google Cloud IoT Core partner
2016 60 Employees Award "100 Orte für Industrie 4.0 in BW"
2015 56 Employees Microsoft Azure IoT partner
2013 35 Employees Office space extension for the Cloudwürdig Team
2011 25 Employees Foundation of the brand Cloudwürdig
2009 23 Employees One of the first Google Apps Partners in Germany
2001 14 Employees Office space extension by another floor
1989 8 Employees Moving to Calwer Str. 11 2nd floor
1985 5 Employees Foundation of SOTEC GmbH + Co. KG
1984 4 Employees Change of name to SOTEC GBR
1983 3 Employees Moving to Ostelsheim
1980 1 Employees Founding of „Ingenieurbüro für technische Informatik“

How we work


Our differentiated corporate structure gives us the opportunity to respond fast to the requirements of our customers.


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. This why we focus on an open gettogether within projects.


Start your project right away, without any complex back and forth.

Team & Philosophy

To be always up to date, we combine traditional IT development know how with economic pragmatism and fresh ideas. For this reason we have a different variety of professionals in our team, including engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, designers, economists and software developers.This gives us the opportunity to develop to perfect solution for you.

We are constantly seeking for new technology, which gives advantages to our customers, without losing our knowledge for traditional IT legacy systems. With this approach we can give the best of the best to all of our customers and help them integrating, developing or connecting also complex components and systems of different generations.

Alway at the forefront of technology

The following graphic shows our focus within the last 30 years. It demonstrates our ability to offer our customers new and innovative technology as well as traditional one.

Microcontroller solutions
Embedded PC / Handheld
Profibus DP
PC based process automation
Cloud Computing
Industrie 4.0
1972: First Intel 8 bit Microprocessor 8008
1989: Start of ISDN in Germany
1987: Bosch and Intel present CAN
1981: First IBM PC
1999: MIT opens Auto-ID Center
2002: W3C founds Webservice Activity Group
2009: Microsoft released Azure
2011: Industrie 4.0 has been announced
1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015


As medium sized family owned business it is our responsibility, to give something back to our society (locally & nationally). We primarily focus on child and youth support as well as the care for people with disability.


We support

Directly in our neighbourhood we support the village community Tennental and the Ronald McDonald House in Tübingen. We also support the German Children's Charity and the Lions Club international.


The future must be greener. We therefore offer electric company vehicles and use 100% green electricity. We compensate the CO2 of our business trips by investing in sustainable forests in Costa Rica.

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