Offsetting our 2019 business travel carbon footprint
Written 29. November 2019

Sustainability is an important part of our corporate culture. We not only rely on a healthy work-life balance but also rely on clean power and e-mobility. Our latest project: CO2 offsetting our business travel for 2019.

Step 1 The planning of the forest

Our forest area from a bird’s eye view

Through personal contact with the project leader, we became aware of the afforestation program Bosque La Tigra in Costa Rica in the summer of 2019. In order not only to offset the CO2 emissions of our air travel but also to create added value for the future, we decided to plant 250 trees. In doing so, we provide help for more sustainable living space. It’s not just about carbon offset, but also about increasing the biodiversity of plants and animals. A piece of land has already been selected and the seedlings are currently being pulled. Now it is time to wait until the small plantlets are strong enough to be planted as part of sustainability training.

Step 2 Planting the seedlings

Here we go! The little seedlings are planted.

As part of a sustainability workshop, 15 children from Ecologica de la Tigra School and 2 representatives from the College of Architecture and Engineering planted our 250 trees. During the schooling the reforestation project is explained and the urgency of a sustainable way of life is brought closer to the children. Afterwards the plantations were visited and the seedlings were planted together. 

When planting the rainforest, care is taken to ensure a natural and robust mix of plant species that create a suitable habitat for other rainforest inhabitants (such as animals, insects and other plant species). About 21 different tree species were planted, e.g. mahogany plants.

Should you ever be in Costa Rica, you can visit the land we have invested in. With the following coordinates you are standing in the middle of the newly planted forest: N10.305222°; E-84.59424°