SOTEC wishes a Merry Christmas
Written 21. December 2020

2020 – a year like no Other. We had plans to celebrate this year with our customers, partners and employees…it is our 40th anniversary as a company after all. Additionally we received the 2019 Google Cloud Global Specialization Partner of the Year Award for IoT, delivered successful projects with our newly developed ClougPlug Edge IoT Gateway device etc. etc…. but as everyone knows, everything turned out differently not only for us but the rest of the world as well.

During the first peak of the Covid-19 pandemic we supported customers who had just started producing protective masks with the introduction of quality control automation. Our just released CloudPlug Edge+ with ML acceleration Chip was perfect for this. Also, contactless shopping was and is also a topic for us and our clients. We support our customers in the development of digital cloud platforms for retail with the clear goal of contactless goods procurement. From authorized, controlled store access to sensor-detected stocking of the shopping basket to electronic billing, payment and documentation before exiting the store – everything is contactless and absolutely digital.

This year in particular shows how important future innovation is. That is why we have invested in the development of IoT Edge , Cloud and ML technologies and further expand our involvement in the FabOS and Shop Floor Service Connector research projects.

For our growing ML and IoT Edge teams, we continue to expand our office during the home office peak. This has actually made room for future colleagues and fresh ideas.

Our online Christmas party included a guided wine tasting.

Speaking of teams, a big thank you also goes out to our customers and partners who have counted on our joint projects throughout this time and have allowed us to not only move forward together, but also avoid ‘short-time work’ and other government supported measures.

For Christmas, we continue to take up our past theme of social responsibility: our employees voted and decided that a total of 12,000€ will go as a donation to the following organizations:

Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk 4.000€ donation
SWR Herzenssache 4.000€ donation
Ärzte ohne Grenze 4.000€ donation

We wish everyone a ( in spite of everything ) Merry Christmas and look forward to an (above all ) healthy 2021. We are grateful about the positive things that also happened in 2020, and look forward to an even better year 2021!