The Cigsor monitors your humidor to ensure a constant climate.

CIGSOR is a Swiss startup for cigar lovers who want optimal constant storage conditions for their treasures. CIGSOR is both the name of the company and the product.

High-quality cigars in humidors require constant climate parameters to remain enjoyable under optimal conditions. Even the best humidors cannot guarantee constant storage conditions for a long time, therefore unnoticed quality losses may occur.

SOTEC carried out a customized IoT development for CIGSOR in the area of hardware and software development in order to implement the performance promise of CIGSOR on the technical side.

The CIGSOR is a battery-powered, cloud-enabled IoT device with temperature and humidity sensors that is placed directly inside a humidor. It connects via Wifi to a cloud backend where all data is stored and communication with the front end/app is managed. The project was implemented using Firebase and AppEngine based on Google Cloud Platform.

By constantly monitoring and tracking the climate parameters in the humidor, even without being in the immediate vicinity of the humidor, end users can monitor the well-being of their expensive consumables via an app on their smartphone and react immediately if something goes wrong.

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Cigsor, the only lifestyle product for humidor monitoring. There's something noble about cigar smoking, and so is Cigsor. Our products were developed together with leading cigar experts. Cigsor stands for highest quality, made in Switzerland.


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