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What is Industry 4.0?

What began at the start of the new millennium with the increased use automation and robotics in production was given a name in 2011. “Industry 4.0” is intended to combine industrial production with modern information and communication technologies.

Industry 4.0 has arrived in business: After the steam engine, the assembly line and electronics, industry is now undergoing the fourth extensive transformation. Take this step into the future with us. Our many years of experience and enthusiasm for innovative, intelligent technologies make us a reliable partner for the digitization of your production. So nothing stands in the way of implementing your next visionary idea.

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Services in the field of Industry 4.0

Vertical integration

We are the right partner for connecting your production. With our CloudPlug edge, we offer a powerful hardware module that can read and process data from many industry-standard protocols.

Horizontal integration

Machines and other systems connected to your IT infrastructure inform each other about produced quantities, processed orders and planned maintenance periods, thus reducing downtimes or production bottlenecks, for example.

Machine Learning on premise

Using our CloudPlug edge+ with Google's TPU chip makes it possible to detect deviations and patterns on premise in your production flow and helps to develop decisions and predictions based on them.

Shopfloor transparency

We would be glad to help you preparing the collected data of your machines and plants in such a way that the important KPIs can be made visible at a glance.

Visual inspection AI

Benefit from the use of AI-supported applications such as visual quality control or predictive maintenance to create real added value in your production.

Digital production consulting

Nothing what suits you right? Benefit from our extensive experience and let us identify the potential in your production together in a workshop.

What are the advantages of Industry 4.0?

Connecting machines and plants makes their processes more effective and measurable:
The continuous exchange of information between all components involved enables your company to optimize processes, minimize idle times, and detect possible downtimes at an early stage and react to them in a targeted manner.

The hype around Industry 4.0 has turned into profitable reality — even without the acquisition of new plants and machines, higher productivity can be achieved. Whether our solution is based on existing data and sensor technology, if we advise you on possible retrofits of existing plants or we even accompany the development process of your next product towards Industry 4.0 — we are the right partner for you.

Productivity & Security

Secure cloud technology and encrypted data streams protect your know-how — and make your Industry 4.0 application as safe as your online banking. Computing power and connectivity are cheaper than ever and can also be used profitably in medium-sized companies.

Real time analysis

With hardware from our CloudPlug product series, machine data can be collected reliably and quickly. This valuable data can then be output and analyzed in a comprehensible way using the software developed by our development specialists.

Swarm Intelligence

Decisions are made collectively and decentrally. Workpiece and machine "know" about each other and can act intelligently together. This enables customized and faster production processes.

How does SOTEC realize your ideas?

The topic of Industry 4.0 has not just been on our desk since yesterday. Our unique know-how enables us to close the gap between cloud and machine without detours and thus implement innovative concepts quickly and flexibly. We offer the complete package from hardware to software from a single source to generate the greatest possible advantage for you. Contact us with your ideas and use cases and we will find a joint solution!

Industry 4.0 development for over 10 years

The CloudPlug product series bridges the gap between your machine and data acquisition in the cloud. This shows that we have not jumped on this trend, but have accompanied and helped shape it from the very beginning.

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Research projects in the Industry 4.0

In order to keep pace with the constant and ever faster development, we have been intensively involved in national and international research projects (e.g. FabOS) within the Industry 4.0 environment for several years.

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