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The cloud has been moving us for over a decade now and is not losing its relevance. On the contrary, cloud technology is more mature and more affordable than ever before.

The term “cloud” stands for the idea of operating applications and hardware in a decentralized manner and accessing them via the Internet. This opens up unprecedented possibilities, including cloud-based web applications (available anywhere and device independent), outsourcing compute-intensive tasks, storing large amounts of data securely and at scale, machine learning applications and more.

In an increasingly mobile working world and industrial digitalization, cloud computing plays a central role. We help you to use this technology sensibly and securely in your company.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

Affordable & Stress Free

No technical team is needed on your part. Only the actual performance is paid for. Applications can be called up directly in the browser, for example, without separate installation.

Safety & Stability

The software is updated automatically and is therefore always up to date. Connections are secured and your data is distributed and stored encrypted.

Performance & Scalability

Storage and power can be added as desired and needed. No more lack of space and/or power bottleneck.

We would be pleased to advise you on your cloud computing project and turn your idea into reality.

Cloud service offerings

Cloud Architecture

We find the right cloud technology and toolchain for your individual use case. For highest efficiency and security.

Cloud Consulting & Workshops

Together with you, we evaluate the potential of the cloud for your company and train your employees to use innovative applications. We accompany you from theory to practice.

Data Warehousing

We bring your data onto a common basis in the cloud. In the next step, it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as data analytics or ML applications.

Cloud Native Development

Development from back-end systems to mobile application. We specialize in Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure product and platform development.

App Modernization & Development

Development of cloud-based web applications and apps with user-friendly and responsive UI/UX design.

Data Analytics & Processing

Let the cloud do the work for you! Lightning-fast and secure data processing or cloud-based calculations for your BI analyses. Benefit from deeper insights, short load times and an unlimited storage volume.

Your Google Cloud Expert.

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Why us?

We are cloud native

By belief, our team works with cloud software, cloud storage and without its own servers. This technological enthusiasm generates creative solutions for our customers.

Strong partnerships

Our long-standing partnerships with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure have made us a cloud service provider with a highly specialized skillset. Be one step ahead with us.

Clear communication

Fed up with consultant blah blah? Our teams consist of technology experts who have gained their experience in practice. So you get to the point quickly with us.

Cloud technology partners

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Bring your processes to the cloud and benefit from an optimal cloud architecture. Contact us now to learn more.

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