GemOne Smart Telematics

SOTEC is developing a new IoT platform and supporting the migration of thousands of telemetry devices

SOTEC built a device connectivity platform based on the Open Source
project Eclipse Hono, natively integrated into Google Cloud. GemOne
chose SOTEC to setup a new production environment and migrate
existing connected devices to the new platform.

The challenge

GemOne were seeking a partner to implement a new and scalable cloud environment for the communication of telemetry device data between platform and devices. The data provides insights which helps GemOne’s customers to boost the efficiency of their industrial fleets. A seamless migration to the new device connectivity platform was critical to avoid any business impact for GemOne’s customers.

The solution

SOTEC worked with Google to develop a robust and scalable platform, for connecting and managing devices in an uniform way regardless of the device communication protocol. The platform components (device registry, protocol adapter, command router) are natively running on Google Kubernetes Engine, tightly integrated into Cloud Pub/Sub. A Terraform script provided a fully automated deployment in GCP.

The result

The migration of 3,000 telemetry devices to the new platform was a big success. SOTEC built a layer of abstraction which saved GemOne to dive deeper into communication protocols which are required for device-to-cloud connectivity . Furthermore, the solution is optimised for reliably scaling up to a million devices. This ensures GemOne’s anticipated growth is not compromised into the future.

This is what the customer says:

With the help of SOTEC, GemOne was able to migrate thousands of our telemetry devices to the future proof Eclipse Hono device connectivity platform. The solution works seamlessly without any issues and the firmware update process went smoothly. This demonstrates the quality of the solution.

Harald Rombaut, Platform Manager

Project start


Customer portrait

GemOne is an innovative tech company providing smart telematics solutions to boost industrial fleet efficiency. Their telematics systems empower businesses in material handling, rental, and construction to track their vehicles, boost fleet efficiency, operate more safely, and avoid unexpected downtime.


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