Kiwigrid Fabrication Service

SOTEC accelerates the production of energy management gateways

SOTEC was responsible for implementing a cloud component called “Fabrication Service” consisting of an API and a management UI, as well as the client component called “Fabrication Client” running on the device.

The Challenge

Kiwigrid as market leader in home energy management systems is constantly growing and was forced to improve productivity in the manufacturing of gateway devices, both to keep and ensure high quality standards based on an efficient production process. The goal of the Fabrication Service was to automate both the entire production order management and according gateway device validation procedures.

The Solution

In close collaboration with Kiwigrid and Google Cloud Team, SOTEC planned and implemented the Fabrication Service. This new containerized application runs reliable on Google Kubernetes Engine seamlessly integrated in the fully managed Google CloudSQL which is decided to use for storing Kiwigrid gateway device information in a scalable and secure manner.

The Result

Fabrication Service is a Google Cloud based solution to automate production of Kiwigrid energy management gateway devices. Particularly the automation of the creation and management of production orders (managing hardware related data (e.g. serial numbers), saving of produced device properties and analysis of error situations).

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This is what the customer says:

With Google Cloud and the help of SOTEC we have been able to establish the Fabrication Service which is one key component within our energy management system combining the scalability of the energy manager production and the software rolloutprocess on the customer side. It must therefore be absolutely reliable, robust and coherent in terms of saving data.

David Rabe, VP Platform and Technology

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Customer portrait

Kiwigrid is driving sector convergence through a powerful energy management platform for connecting and optimizing decentralized energy and e-mobility. Big data analytics for decision making and independent device connectivity are key values for Kiwigrid customers and therefore the biggest drivers in enabling the energy transition in Europe.


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