Our alternative to Google IoT Core is available now!
Written 10. March 2023

Within the network of the Eclipse Foundation, we have developed a 1:1 replacement for Google IoT Core based on the open source project Hono. This solution natively uses Google Cloud Services (like Kubernetes Engine & Cloud Pub Sub), providing a robust platform with high scalability. A migration from Google IoT Core to our solution works seamlessly and provides sustainable investment protection.

What is Hono?

Eclipse Hono™ is a powerful and flexible IoT framework that simplifies device integration, data management, and communication. Robust support for a wide range of protocols combined with the container-based architecture make Hono an ideal choice for large-scale IoT deployments across many industries and applications.

Our contribution in the development of Hono

We have joined the Eclipse Foundation, one of the world’s largest communities for open source software collaboration and innovation. This partnership gives us the opportunity to contribute our long-standing IoT expertise to the open source community. By working with the Hono community, we can contribute our expertise and actively participate in the development of new technologies. We are proud to have further developed Hono components such as MQTT Adapter, Device Registry, Command Router and Auth Server and thus to be part of this innovative community.

How the IoT Core Migration works

In the first phase, we perform a full analysis that verifies the technical feasibility and scope of the migration. The deployment of Hono on Google Cloud platform is provided fully automated using a Terraform script. Devices are then migrated 1-1 with their credentials.  During the final deployment, we migrate the device enrollment and optimize everything for future scalability. For the operation of the productive environment, we offer our customers different support options: one is the basic support for Hono and the other is the premium support with a stronger focus on monitoring and analytics.

SOTEC @ Hannovermesse 2023

See us at our booth at  the HMI 23 inside Google’s partner area and get a more detailed look into our IoT solution based on Google Cloud and Hono.

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