The audit-proof long-term archiving solution

High data security and full transparency.

ArchiveXT is a digital archiving system that securely stores tax-relevant business information from various units and systems, such as a branch‘s POS system, in the cloud and makes it accessible to authorized persons.

ArchiveXT brings together the data from different productive systems (e.g. back office, POS system, TSE or external systems for order processing and payment processing) of the local units and sends all data records in encrypted form to European servers. There they are stored GoBD compliant for 10+ years. By using ISO 27001 certified infrastructure, a consistently high level of data security is guaranteed at all times.

All data is available to authorized groups of people. With ArchiveXT, all DSGVO/GDPR necessary requirements are met, such as transparent traceability of users and views. Through active monitoring and immediate troubleshooting by the support team, the highly sensitive business data is strictly secured and monitored at all times.

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The advantages at a glance

Full archiving

All operational data from local stores, including accounting, can be recorded.

High data security

Encrypted storage and highly regulated access and permissions Assignment.

Comprehensive service (optional)

Daily import of all data, as well as checking and immediate problem handling by SOTEC support employees.

Full transparency

The data stored in the archive is unchangeable and immovable for at least 10 years.

Absolutely DSGVO/GDPR compliant

By meeting the applicable guidelines and even beyond.

Software as a Service

No separate IT infrastructure is required to use ArchiveXT.

Digital archiving for electronic data

ArchiveXT exports all tax-relevant data from your software systems at least once a day and transfers it to the cloud archive. The data remains there for 10+ years and can be retrieved either regularly or for audit purposes.

All processes are automated, digital and standardized and can easily be included in the procedural documentation of your internal control system.

ArchiveXT is a scalable, consistent and cost-effective solution for storing sensitive business information from different branches for an individually defined period.

ArchiveXT adapts to your processes

Using flexible system connectors, almost all software systems can be connected to ArchiveXT. As a result, ArchiveXT is particularly suitable in an environment where no standard products or complete solutions for POS systems are used. An additional advantage is the central data storage, which makes it possible to retrieve data centrally even in a decentralized branch structure. 

In addition, we support the development of a digital standard process for data provision in audit scenarios, which is precisely tailored to your needs. In the event of an audit, data can be made available promptly and in a structured manner. 

SOTEC supports McDonald‘s Deutschland LLC as a long-standing, trustworthy partner with high technical competence and the operational operation of cloud solutions. SOTEC develops for us in close coordination homogeneous, modern IT systems including the necessary HW and SW components for the control and administration of all German stores operated by us as well as our franchisees. SOTEC also has the vision and implementation strength to provide financial and tax data in highly available, cloud-based archiving and reporting systems that are time-critical and relevant for our daily work.
Nicolas von Sobbe, VP Technology Deutschland, McDonald‘s Deutschland LLC

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ArchiveXT is used throughout Europe in the McFamily. Benefit from a customized software solution that knows your requirements inside out. ArchiveXT is not a static system, it thrives on feedback and new ideas from users.

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