Our review of the year 2023
Written 22. December 2023

Thank you for being here 🙌 

and want to find out more about our year 2023!

We would like to thank all our customers, partners and employees for a successful 2023. It was a good and diverse year for SOTEC, in which we developed further and mastered new challenges.

There were some changes in our company this year. For example, we put a solar system on the roof of our office building into operation, thus taking a further step towards a CO2-neutral future. With a focus on the future, we introduced a new, more agile corporate structure at the annual kickoff in the halls of Motorworld and formed new, smaller teams and cross-functional communities to improve collaboration.

Speaking of teams – we are delighted to welcome fifteen new colleagues and interns who joined us in 2023. Sometimes new and goodbye go hand in hand, which is why we said goodbye to a few this year, as well as bidding farewell to long-serving (> 25 years) employees on their well-deserved retirement. 

We not only promote long-term cooperation within the company, but have also further developed existing and new partnerships with our customers and technology partners. We are delighted to start the new year with Siemens as a new Siemens Industrial Edge Partner

Through our partnerships, we were represented at the Hannover Messe together with Google Cloud, where we provided the demonstrator for the Google Cloud booth. This year, the Eclipse Foundation organized the Eclipse Con in Ludwigsburg, where we were invited to present our latest open source and IoT Hono solutions.

We also organized an internal workshop on the topic of Gen AI. In this exchange, our employees not only learned a lot about the potential and challenges of Gen AI, but also discussed how we can make the best use of this innovative technology in our company. 

In addition to work, we also had a lot of fun, so this year we celebrated a Greek summer party with a barbecue by the lake, went on a great two-day company getaway to Baden-Baden with a mini Mario Kart workshop and, last but not least, enjoyed a cozy end-of-year party in a Swabian atmosphere.

There were plenty of reasons to celebrate – this year, we were once again awarded the Lea SME prize for social responsibility, as supporting charitable projects is important to us.

In particular, we support local clubs and voluntary projects run by our employees as well as the Ronald McDonald House every year. We supported the latter by financing a family apartment and volunteer cooking evenings for the families concerned.

Our annual Christmas fundraising campaign, in place of Christmas gifts for customers, was a complete success and we were able to support several charitable organizations, selected by our employees, with a total of €30,000 in donations, divided equally:

  • A.I.R. Khmer – 5.000€
    Help for children and adults with respiratory insufficiency in the Kingdom of Cambodia in cooperation with doctors and hospitals in Cambodia.
  • Climate Nuts forest sponsorship for food forests – 5.000€
    innovative German climate start-up for solutions to climate change, loss of biodiversity and global poverty
  • Jugendfarm Elsental e.V. – 5.000€
    youth farm with open children’s and youth work so that children can develop in natural open spaces
  • Verein der Freunde des Evangelischen Waldheim Tannenberg e.V. – 5.000€
    Former and active Waldheim employees, committed and interested parents as well as full-time and voluntary employees of the overall church community – supported by local businesses, work together to meet the changing needs of the Waldheim Tannenberg
  • STELP e.V. – 5.000€
    stands up for a world in which children, women and men – regardless of origin, age, sexual orientation or political and religious world view – can live free from acute need and self-determined in dignity and security and shape their future sustainably through their own efforts.
  • Fellnasen Stuttgart e.V. – 5.000€
    non-profit animal welfare organization to help animals in need with projects in Germany, Italy, Greece and Croatia


A big thank you to everyone who has supported and accompanied us throughout this year. We are looking forward to a successful 2024!

Best regards,

the SOTEC team