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eProduction is a production control software specially developed for large-scale catering kitchens. The system calculates and visualizes the optimized provision of products in the UHC, Fry- and Bake-station.

On the monitors of the KVS, live orders and forecasted requirements from historical data are displayed for the preparation and keeping warm of the products. The clear visualization, including a color-coded system, shows employees how large the stock must be and how long the product components may be kept warm. This means that the exact quantities are always available in the respective UHC, fry and bake stations.

This is eProduction

Accurate and organized

Forecasts based on historical data and live orders for an optimized production process.

Paperless & resource-saving

Digitization in the commercial kitchen ensures a smooth production flow - without any paperwork at all.

Scalable and quickly deployable

Easy connection to existing back-office systems and configuration of multiple operational units.

Ad Hoc adjustments possible at any time

If there are current fluctuations in visitor numbers, the workflow for production can be manually adjusted at any time.

Using a control keyboard, the SOTEC Bumpbar, guest numbers can be reduced or increased simply by pressing a button. Central production planning or even restaurant grouping can also be done in the central maintenance area of the software to make it easier to manage multiple operational units. With the configurator, the local management is able to adapt the sales forecast individually to the respective unit and to display them differently visualized in the workflow.

The advantages of digitalization are obvious

Transparent and up to date

Reliable planning and forecasting of product mix from historical data.

Situational adjustment

Manual demand corrections are possible to react quickly to changing situations.

Digital and optimized

The result is a digitally optimized workflow that runs smoothly and does not require any paper at all.

Cost and resource saving

Product waste is reduced to a minimum. Better for us and the planet.

More satisfaction for employees

Understandable, screen-guided work instructions ensure efficient interaction for the entire kitchen team.

Demand-driven product creation

Products are always fresh and menu changes (e.g. breakfast/day menu) succeed without friction losses.

Smooth connection

eProduction can be connected to common cash register and back office systems (e.g. MyStore and NP6).

Setting for all needs

Central and individual configurations at store level are possible.


Software components

Configurator – In-store configuration tool

  • Combines 6 weeks of sales, product mix and projections

  • Supports all eProduction Server / Clients modes

  • Automatic data download when POS is opened

  • Standard interface for back office systems

  • Projections are adjustable

  • WYSIWYG preview

eProduction server Clients

  • Special breakfast mode

  • Control screen baking / cooking

  • Manager adjusts current customer flow via Bumpbar

  • MSI and staging installation

  • New user interface for 16:9 monitors

  • Continuous development according to regional market requirements

Screenshot shows UHC design preview

CEM (Central eProduction Maintenance)

  • Central eProduction maintenance tool

  • Creates deployable eProduction configuration packages for multiple stores

  • Support for multiple kitchens

  • Creates deployment packages for MSI installation and deployment

  • Targeted for head office configuration maintenance

  • Configuration import and export

  • Configuration dashboard & WYSIWYG preview

  • PasisAdapter configuration & SOTEC Bumpbar configuration

  • AD authentication

eProduction ist täglich im Einsatz



eProduction is in daily use worldwide in the McDonald’s ecosystem.



eProduction is part of the standard repertoire in many restaurants worldwide when it comes to digitizing their workflows.

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